How to select a criminal lawyer

Sep 5th, 2016 | By
NY Criminal Attorney

THINGS TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE SELECTING A CRIMINAL LAWYER Being faced with a criminal charge is without a doubt a stressful experience, to say the least. The first thing one needs to be aware of is that you have the right to counsel from the start. This opportunity should be immediately taken advantage of, as

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Getting Pulled Over by the Police in Upstate NY

Sep 5th, 2016 | By
Your representationfor speeding ticket, DWI and other traffic issues

WHAT TO DO WHEN THE POLICE LIGHTS ARE IN YOUR MIRROR Getting pulled over by the police in Upstate NY or anywhere while driving can be a very shocking, startling, and extremely stressful experience. For most drivers, this has happened at least on one occasion and it is something that should not be taken lightly

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Albany NY Lawyer – Reviews & Recommendations

Sep 5th, 2016 | By

(518) 283-1245 and (518) 668-3711 are the numbers to reach the lawyers at Here is a testimonial list of reviews and recommendations from some of our clients.

Dress For Success in the Courtroom

Jun 23rd, 2016 | By
dress for success in court

What should I wear to court? I can not stress this enough. If you are going to court, “Dress appropriately.” I have heard some people say, “I am not dressing up for that jerk!” Well, when you dress inappropriately, you are not just sending the message that you are upset with your opponent at the stand,

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Dealing with DWI

Nov 30th, 2015 | By
Marty Carbone DW Traffic Lawyer in Albany NY

When charged with DWI, driving while intoxicated, there are a some key things to keep in mind. The first is cooperation. More often than not, individuals who are pulled over and asked if they have been drinking are not so quick to be honest with the police. The more cooperative you are, the less likely a threat you will impose on the officer this will ultimately be to your benefit in the long run.

Trademarks 101 – Getting yours in Albany NY

Nov 14th, 2015 | By
Your Upstate NY Lawyer for business start-up and legal contract drafting

We’ve all seen the little “TM” symbol near names of commercial products but what does it actually mean? The “TM” stands for “trademark” which, according to the United States Patent & Trademark Office, is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words phrases, symbols pr designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those others.

Criminal Lawyer Brunswick NY

Nov 9th, 2015 | By
Brunswick NY Court

Getting a Criminal Charge in Brunswick Town Court NY Brunswick Town Court is located within Rensselaer County, NY. If charged with a criminal offense, the Rensselaer County District Attorney’s Office prosecute said charges. Being faced with a criminal charge is not something to take lightly. Once charged, it is very important to be proactive in

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Top 10 Ways To Beat a Speeding Ticket in Albany

Apr 8th, 2015 | By

TOP 10 LIST ON HOW TO BEAT SPEEDING TICKETS IN ALBANY NY So, the blue lights came up in your rear-view mirror the other day. What comes next? Does this mean you are totally screwed? Take heed, Ponyboy. Take heed. The following fresh Top 10 list can help offenders in and around Albany NY. However, this

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Social Media is No Legal Lame Duck

Mar 14th, 2015 | By
Social Media now plays a major role in litigation

I have touched upon this topic in the past but after some recent experience I feel it is worth going over again. In this new decade of overwhelming social media, with forums such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, people now open themselves up to more liability in what they say. No more does testimony in

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What to DO, when you SUE. (Part 1)

Mar 12th, 2015 | By
Affordable Criminal Law Attorney in Albany, NY

Often people will enter into an agreement or business transaction and things just don’t work out. In the end, one or both parties may feel entitled to some sort of retribution, which usually comes down to money.